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  The Roses Theatre Tewkesbury 2022 Feel Good Festival

Creative Writing Workshops:

Monday 19 September 5pm – 7pm
Monday 3 October 5pm – 7pm

A fun way to get your creativity flowing and to get started on that writing project you have always meant to start with Caroline Summerfield.

Cost: £12.50 per session (you can book sessions individually)

To book visit : https://www.rosestheatre.org/events/entry/creative-writing#the-show


What writers say about our workshops:

“Outstanding, I wanted to write and write after the workshops”

“These workshops are exceptional”

“I learnt more at these workshops than I have ever learnt at any other workshop” 

Writers attending these workshops have gone on to have their work broadcast, produced and published.

Examples of our writers’ workshops:

  • Finding Your Voice – An Introduction To Playwriting
  • How to Shape and Structure A Play ?
  • Structuring a Play Through Character
  • The Function and Purpose of Characters
  • Dialogue and How to Edit Your Script
  • The Monologue/Solo Play
  • The Writer in Research
  • The Art of Adaptation
  • Writing for Radio
  • The Writer in Rehearsal
  • Practical Exercise The Interview – Establishing A Character
  • Practical Exercise – The Witness – The Art of Storytelling
  • Practical Exercise – A Game of Consequences – Creating Dramatic Dialogue
  • Practical Exercise – A Journey Through My senses – Pushing The Boundaries Of Your Writing
  • Henrik Ibsen’s A Doll’s House – writing unforgettable heroines.
  • Making plays from newspaper stories
  • Writing a political play
  • How to re-write your play?
  • Making plays from newspaper stories
  • Writing a political play
  • How to re-write your play?
  • Structure/unforgettable characters and Henrik Ibsen’s A Doll’s House
  • Writing through improvisation – master classes with improvisation for writers, directors and actors.
  • Creative Writing for Wellbeing

TO REGISTER YOUR INTEREST CONTACT:  casummerfield@btinternet.com

Where we have delivered workshops in person and online :

Parmoor House Cheltenham

Suffolk Anthology Book Shop Cheltenham

Holst Museum Cheltenham

Evesham Festival of Words

Various Theatre Companies

John Lewis Cheltenham (Creative Writing for Wellbeing)

The Roses Theatre Tewkesbury (Feel Good Festivals 2020 & 2021) 


We are experienced dramaturgs and happy to review both first and subsequent draft stage scripts to help you achieve the final draft.  We offer a read through service with online and face-to-face meetings in which a dramaturgical overview of the script will be given followed by specific questions which are then discussed with you the writer.  Based on experience  we find that writers benefit much more from this approach than simply providing a reader’s report.  If you have a script which you would like to discuss please do not hesitate to contact us at : casummerfield@btinternet.com


We are experienced directors and is happy to direct professional productions at the ITC rate. If you have a project which you would like to discuss please do not hesitate to contact us at : casummerfield@btinternet.com



Since the founding of the Writers and Directors Workshop in September 2017, we have been meeting monthly at Parmoor House in Cheltenham to provide showcases and improvisations to help writers development final drafts of scripts for stage, radio, film and TV.  Our evenings are usually structured around a theme or focus on a single full-length script. Previous showcases have included:

  • Monologue/Solo Plays
  • Political Plays
  • Three-handers
  • Christmas Plays
  • Comedy in Theatre
  • The Playwright in Revision
  • Developing an Idea Through Improvisation  
  • Full-length plays

Our Writers: Lou Beckett, Celia Boyd, Dr. Amy Holley-Cribbin, Steve Connolly, Annie Ellis, Clare Finnimore, Georgia Greeph, Tessa Harris, Marianne Julebin, Sue Johnson, Carolyn Jones, Rebecca Phillips, Jacqui Stearn, Howard Timms and Joy Thomas

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